Saturday, April 2, 2011

It's here! Nippon goodness!

Nippon! My copy of Bushido have arrived in the mail. Thanks Greg!

This is the only FGU game that I have played, and while quite quirky, it's not hopelessly complicated. There have been some mumbling lately, and there's a new session to come quite soon, I've heard. I'll keep you posted on the coming fate of the Roanaga clan.

This game even has a hexmap. Hmmm. Hexcrawling, anyone?


  1. I've always wanted to play this one. I need to put in an order with FGU!

  2. I started to wonder if something was broken with the comments! Great to see you around, as always. :)

    Historical games are hard, but I think the best way to play this one is to immerse oneself in Akira Kurosawa movies and go over the top.

    FGU have some interesting games in the catalog, I ordered Daredevils after it was reviewed on Grognardia. I'd love to play that.

  3. From a gamer living in Japan, ENJOY! Bushido rocks.

  4. Hey, Thanks! It's Bushido studying time for me now...


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