Saturday, April 9, 2011

Gender equality?

Since I got my copy if Bushido in the mail a few days ago, I have been studying FGU rules. This got me thinking. There was a time when it felt like all games was very much about simulationism. I don't mean that specifically in the way Forge people do, just that the idea that rules should cover all bases and make it feel real.

I have gotten the impression that one very common rule back then was to give females higher dexterity than males.

Since I have been starting a exercise program, focusing on stretching and muscle building, thoughts on my own stiffness is very common in my mind. Naturally, I wonder if this is somehow related to my maleness? Is it really so that women are more agile than men?

While it's quite easy to understand why a penalty to strength is common for females, I wonder if the bonus to dexterity is there only to balance the penalty or it it's there for a "simulation" reason, if you see what I mean?

My wife thought it was just a question of game balance. For her it didn't make sense that women should be more agile, just because of their sex. She is far less stiff than I am, but extrapolating from us two seems silly. I guess there might be some facts out on the web, but finding it? Don't get my started on how to verify your sources on the net...

If this isn't a rule grounded in anatomical truths, I wonder how many other rules "simulating" reality is also pure game artifacts?


  1. Gygax spoke of females having higher neurological and endurance factors (in Cyborg Commandos), whereas males have higher muscle:mass ratio and (if memory serves) stronger drive.

    I have read this in purely scientific and medical terms as well.

    Then, the entire issue of the transformation of the pelvic region of females to accommodate birthing results in greater control and agility centred from the pelvic region, countered by the solar plexus in males. My anecdotal information comes from a family member in the operating theatre-level of medicine.

    So, I think, however perceptibly non-PC the concept may be, it seems to have some basis in demonstrable truth.

  2. Interesting. Thanks for that information!

    Having seen my wife give birth to two children, I have many times given some kind of mental support to the idea of a CON bonus to females...


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