Wednesday, April 6, 2011

[From A to Z in Kalamar] Fhokki

Different races are common enough in fantasy settings. One thing I find interesting is how the designers of Kingdoms of Kalamar have included multiple human cultures in addition to the demi-human ones. In our world there are multiple cultures with different languages, traditions and some common physical traits. Why would a fantasy world be different?

Naturally there are people of great stature, blond and blue eyed and a fancy for rough living and disdain of the effete cultures in the civilized lands. More often than not, especially when the world builder are of American background, these are modelled on the old norse culture and the vikings.

I can tell you that people in this part of the world usually cringe when that happen. The popular cultural view of vikings in the US is not always that well aligned with neither self image or history. Not being of Asian descent, I can only guess at how much things like Oriental Adventures make people from east Asia cringe.

Anyway. On Tellene, the world of Kalamar, there are nordic barbarians and they are called Fhokki. One of these days I'm running a campaign with those people mashed up with something else. That is one of the things I like with how many cultures in Glorantha are similar to cultures in our world, but then there are things mixed in which twist them just that much into weirdness. In general I think that is a good idea. Take scoop full of inspiration from our world, but then add that something extra and twist a bit. Imagine something like the Imperial Romans, but add a strong belief in reincarnation and a cyclical view of history like the Mayan calendar. How about that?

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