Sunday, April 17, 2011

Alphabet Challenge ends

After a few days of inactivity I think the alphabet challenge project is dead. My visitor stats went down and comments were almost nonexistent. While I write for my own enjoyment I do like to see that somebody is enjoying what I write and this apparently wasn't a success for me nor my readers.

Even though I constantly get google hits from people looking on Kalamar stuff, it seems those people are not many or vocal enough for me to get the kind of sustainable conversation that makes you slog on when you write according to a plan, and not from the random whims of my heart.

Now I will go back to my usual musings. Maybe not as challenging or developing as a writer, but easier and more fun.I do think I did manage to produce a few posts of some entertainment value, though.

Next up: Reign and the D&D endgame


  1. Hey, if it's not helping things out, why force yourself to stick with it? I've personally just been too busy to follow all of the A-Z challenges going on in my blog list, let alone be posting comments to most of them.

    And for some reason, clicking on a link for something not related to a 26 post series seems worth investing my time between term paper writing and fathering and all that other stuff. It's weird, because just because I read one I know there's no obligation to read others, but it's there in the back of my brain.

  2. I have really not enjoyed the trend, on all the blogs that have been doing it. I felt like all my usual readings kinda disappeared and were replaced by trite BS that people felt obligated to write, rather than passionate posts that they wanted to write.

    I am very pleased to see someone abandoning it. May others follow in your footsteps.

  3. I hear ya, that's why I'm making the A to Z something valuable for my campaign today and in the future - I'm updating the wiki, clarifying things and getting new ideas. Hell, this challenge is finally gonna get me off my ass to finally make a campaign map for my AD&D world - I've only been about 3 days travel east into the wilderness! :) Good luck to you in your future writings - I know that even though I don't comment, I have enjoyed reading a lot of new content versus the opinions.

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  5. Andreas, don't fret... I'm sure it has less to do with your content and more to do with folks like me, who get so burned out on everyone doing the A to Z thing that they start skipping over those posts to look for other things. One can only read so many "E is for..." posts in a day before they all start to run together.

    ...and the fact that I originally addressed you as Tenkar in the first version of this comment demonstrates how much blogs have been running together for me during this whole alphabet thing.

  6. Looking forward to your Reign coverage and the baronies treatment. :)

  7. Thanks all. I have starting to tire myself and have it all blur. I think we all liked the idea, but maybe not all of us should have done it at the same time!

    Onward, to the future.

    Back to writing that Reign post, so Timeshadow will have something to read. :)

  8. Just to let you know that I have given you the Stylish Blogger Award. Head over to my site and take the image to display proudly on your awesome site and check out the fun rules that go along with it.

    Scott M

  9. Yeah, if it's not fun, it's not worth it. Glad to hear you've jumped ship and are going back to regular programing.

    Wishing you much fun in your upcoming posts.

    Happy Blogging :-)

  10. Many thanks Scott!

    I am a bit flattered, indeed.

    But I'm not that fond of the chain letter rule, so I'm afraid I'll drop that part. It's just a question of principles. There are more than 15 blogs out there to recommend!


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