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[From A to Z in Kalamar] Battle of Kadir Ridge

In the section about the Kalamar empire in the KoK campaign set, under the heading Mountain Ranges, there is a mention of the Battle of Kadir Ridge. Today I'm going to take a look at how to use that in your game.

This is what we know of the battle. The Emperor of Kalamar sough to control the riches of the dwarfs, and marshalled his armies to attack. One of his group of allies were some fire giant chieftains. Then when the battle was won, the Marshall in charge fell upon his allies.

So what can be done with this?

So, both fire giants and the dwarfs have been slighted by this emperor. Both these groups probably want revenge, and the giants wanted something from the dwarfs which lured them into that fateful alliance.

1. The emperor now have in his possession the fabled dwarven warhammer of giant slaying. The very existence of this item is anathema to the giants, who have decided to get it back. What happen when the decoy the giants have used accept the item from the adventurers who have procured it? Will they maybe have investigated a bit and found out about that camp of giants a bit off who are there to receive the artifact? What happens when the dwarfs show up and demand their item? That could be one "fetch this item and earn a bag of gold" adventure to remember.

2. By now the dwarfs and the giants have realized that the Emperor is not to be trusted, and that they have a common enemy. How will the party feel about the idea of earning some luxurious items crafted by dwarven smiths, if they do this small political assassination of a certain Marshall?

3. One day the dwarfs unleash their monstrous automaton they have been building since the day of the defeat at Kadir Ridge (I see before me that steamroller from the cover of module DA1). Maybe the only one mighty enough to stand against it, and it's fire belching powers are a fire giant or three? I bet a diplomatic mission to the giants would be quite interesting for a party in the Emperor's employ.

Hey! Run with it.

Tomorrow we see what can be found in Kalamar with the letter 'C'.


  1. I used the Battle of Kadir Ridge in the first adventure of my Kalamar campaign. Only paladins, clerics and religious monks were allowed, and every player would start at 10th level. Contrary to my expectations, only 3 friends showed up for the first game (other 6 would join during the next 2 months, and by the end of the year there were no less then 16 more-or-less regular players).

    The Dwarven kingdom would be the HQ of a new founded religious Order, led by a Dwarf Paladin and a Human Cleric (both were near epic NPCs).

    The PC's were within the city walls when the siege began. Being guests (an elite force of guests, to be more specific), they offered help to the war effort, and were charged to fend off fire giant attacks at the secondary roads that led to the city.

    Since there were around 20 NPC paladins and clerics (and one monk), all of at least 10th level, they did some trouble to the fire giants, killing their leader. Nonetheless, the defenses were overwhelmed by the unstoppable demihuman forces employed by the kalamarans (mostly ogres, hill giants, and thousands of orc mercenaries).

    When the city fell, the Order left (with almost all dwarven women and children) through some ancient tunnels underneath the Karasta mountais, heading north.

    2 years have passed in-game since the fall of Karasta, and the Order has stablished a base at Pekal-Tokis eastern border. The fire giants haven't recovered from the blow they suffered in the battle, a dwarf resistance is being formed, and Kalamar is chasing the criminals that almost jeopardized their plans to take the Fortress.

    The forthcoming events will be very interesting.

    Regards from the FlyingScotsman!

  2. Hey! That sounds like an awesome campaign. I love when something out of the campaign history can come alive like that.

    The forthcoming events sounds very interesting!


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