Monday, April 4, 2011

[From A to Z in Kalamar] Diaday

In the Merchant's Tongue, the first day of the week is called Diaday. That is the topic of today's post, the first day of this week.

Many settings have created new funny names for common things, in order to add a sense of otherness to it. Sometimes it's just new names on the same seven week days, and sometimes it's ten days of unpronounceable stuff with multiple syllables. The latter seldom works better for a game setting.

So, except for those who wish they were like Tolkien, what use are these linguistic execises?

I remember when I first got hold of Planescape, the planar setting for 2nd ed. AD&D. I loved that place, and even though I hate alignments I dream of one day go wild with the myriad possibilities inherent in the idea of the planes. Apart from Tony DiTerlizzi's amazing artwork and art direction, one of the most notable things with Planescape was it's use of planar jargon.

Now, have anyone of you out there actually used that stuff? If you think it would sound silly to talk like that round the game table when everyone else is talking English, imagine how stupid you would feel if everyone was talking German, Swedish or Finnish and you as the GM wanted to introduce that exotic phrases?

Nice try, but no thanks.

These days I see things like Diaday and think it might be the limit for me. No more linguistic immersion. Some chrome to make that setting shine, but apart from some words used sparingly I think it is enough.

Tomorrow is Pelsday and I'll take on 'E'.

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