Wednesday, December 2, 2009

That old School metal gaming

I have found the game that must be perfect for us old school metal fans. The game have the totally unlikely, and o so fitting, name Umlaut. Check it out! I think it looks hilarious and am thinking of buying it, just because.


  1. My friend Robin in England plays Umlaut, and enjoys it.

    Meanwhile I have found a Swedish superheros game called "Supercrew". The rulebook is written as a comic :D

  2. Supercrew is Sweet, I totally enjoy the naming of the example characters, especially "The Massive". Also, sounds like fun game to try out someday. What gives, Ante?


  3. Umlaut is playable? Now It Has To Be Mine! :)

    I have never, not even when I was a kid and the target demographic, liked superheroes. To much wish fulfilment, kewl powers or whatnot. Maybe I'm to down to earth, or just boring.

    But, when my friends from across the pond knows more about rpgs from Sweden than me, something is clearly wrong. I could agree to try it out. but, I don't think it's very high on my list to buy. Looks like a very cool presentation, though!

  4. Yes, you really do need to buy it. When are we playing?

  5. Tomorrow? No, that was another game. We are playing tomorrow, right?

  6. You can't kill The Metal.
    The Metal will live on...

  7. Andreas, I've always felt the same way about superheros. I don't mind reading about them, if the stories are good, but for some reason I never desired to play any.

    Still, there's some superhero games I think would be fun to play. I really want to try With Great Power. And I think Supercrew would be a fun beer-and-pretzels game. I can't imagine playing it without hamming it up a lot.

    Besides, Captain Sweden is cool. He's lagom strong and lagom fast! :)

  8. He's lagom strong and fast? Oh my.

  9. Can you add elements of fantasy like Brutal Legend?


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