Monday, December 7, 2009

Designing a new dungeon - Named Areas

I have started a bunch of new projects lately. Anger have caused springs of creativity to spring forth, and now I have a few adventures lined up and maybe even a few more ambitious things.

Since I love the exploration style of adventuring in a big and exciting dungeon I started to plan, design and draw with a megadungeon in mind. Maybe I'll scale it back a bit, or it will have to be something I'll tinker with for a long time.

If you have searched the web for articles on megadungeon design you have probably already found much of the solid advice there is, so I'm not going to try to sound like I have anything new and revolutionary to add. But, I'll write about a nice way to invent a few of those places in a dungeon that stand out and feel a bit special.

Anyone who have read of old school dungeons probably have noticed that there are names areas which makes you wonder what might lurk there. The Black Reservoir is one of those names. Now you can make those yourself! Check out this wonderful blog post with some handy Named Areas charts!

I bet you would love to know what The Gate of the Deadly Harem Slime Ladies or The Mysterious Cave Lagoon of Copper Blood is? Me too. I'm making it up, and sooner or later you might find out. Slime Ladies? Yep.


  1. >The Gate of the Deadly Harem Slime Ladies<

    Sounds like it might be based on some chicks I know out at the Ren Faire.

  2. I wonder if I'd dare visit that!

  3. The Green and Purple Gallery of Mouldy Hieroglyphs!

    ...and the art page linked to from that blog is the most wonderful thing.

  4. Mouldy Hieroglyphs! I want to go and read those, now! :D

    Pete Mullen is awesome, indeed.


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