Sunday, December 6, 2009

A devious trap

Music is wonderful.

I managed to invent a trap today, for one of my projects I'm writing. Now when I have a mp3 player I can listen to music on the bus downtown, or when I'm waiting for a friend to meet me. As I was listening, absentmindedly, I suddenly heard a few words of the lyrics, and at once I knew it was an arcane and interesting thing I had to write about. Where do you get your ideas? Heavy metal lyrics, of course!


  1. Music is a constant inspiration, some of my best D&D ideas come from a couple of notes of a piece of music I overhear.

  2. This is the first full cloth idea I can remember actually writing down. Now I'll just have to publish it as well to make it be a real first one.

  3. I always put on music when I sit down to work on my next game session or work on a game log etc. I prefer to play instrumentals - sometimes classical music, sometimes soundtracks from movies or tv shows.

    I find that music with lyrics tends to distract me more than it helps focus on writing/brainstorming. I even now and then put on sounds of rainstorms and things like that, just to provide a background mood.


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