Wednesday, December 23, 2009

Fantastic imagery


A small band of heroes, on a montain ledge looking down a wooden vale. Verdant, lush and inviting as the vale is, the band looks down in apprehension, seeing that enormous boot print in that vally, where trees and shrubs have almost oblitterated that giant shape.


A subterran chamber, with carved stone arches and walk ways. Looking down from a small hidden entrace we see an spheroid object in the centre of that hot and humid cave. Multitude of creatures, with cloaks and shawls, assemble around the object, some on walk ways aproaching it reverently, listening to the throbbing beat echoing in the chamber.


A black and inky liquid surface, oily and unwholesome. Ripples of obscene regularity marr the mirrorlike surface as a craft of decrepid state glide towards out heroes. The cloaked figure standing in the boat beckons, showing a hand of silver pointing towards a collection of spires and towers on the far shore.

I really wish I could get some time to get those visions of mine down on paper. They freak me out. Just imagine those scenes in a scenario. Would you like to read/play/buy it? I would.

I'd love to make those scenes come alive in a game. I'll write this Christmas, be sure of it.
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