Friday, December 18, 2009

Actual Play - Battletech

Ever since Chgowiz started to write about Battletech and Mechwarrior, I have once again felt the stirring to play a game of tank fighting. When I first bought the game, back in the day, we sat down on the living room floor at my friend's place. It tooks us 8 hours to read the rules, set up a game, puzzle over the rules and fight two minutes of real action.

Today I sat down again, and once again it took ages to get moving. I think the game is fairly easy, but still I managed to forget firing modifiers for the moving target at our first fire combat phase! We redid it, and it happened exactly the same way as when I needed 3+ to hit, instead of 8+. Kind if fitting.

We fought with one lance each, the first scenario in the new slick introductory rule book. Go and grab it online, it's free! The scenario was really good, with a excellent use of the basic maps and a interesting mix of mechs. We both engine hits, and heat was then a constant problem. I also managed to destroy one leg on one of the weaker opponents. Rolling 9 on hit location table for left leg is something I did all the time. I wonder if I have to re-calibrate my weapons. They all seem to fire way to low and left.

It was my second fight since my Battletech interest was re-ignited. Now I will try one more time before getting serious about it. I think I learned how fun, and frustrating, it can be with criticals, how important resource management is to have fun, and how fun it is to make things go "boom!" once in a while. Hopefully those lessons can be brought to bear in my roleplaying as well.


  1. The quick start takes you through a very simple combat rules to where you can learn the basics. I highly recommend the QS, then jumping into the Intro rules. In some ways, I prefer the QS as part of a BT/MW combo.

    Now if only I could get more people to live around Chicago so I could play BT...

  2. I jumped right into the Intro rules, since I had previous experience of 2nd ed. Maybe I should take a peek at the QS as well.

    Considering how hard it's been for me to find opponent I surely understand that sentiment about Chicago!

  3. Battletech can be great fun. The problem is some of the players are... problematic. They are a very set in their way and self absorbed group of people in general.

    But those casual fans like myself can bring in new people and make cool battlefields like this to play on:

    And I daresay we have more fun than the hardcore even if we don't have the hit location chart memorized!

  4. Well, I doubt that all BT fans are that self absorbed. Anyone that only play one game are going to come across as somewhat obsessed from some point of view, but see how many people only play D&D... :)

  5. Oh its not so much ONE GAME (By one game whichever edition is in print) ONLY ism of D&D players, its HOW they play the game.

    A more insular, less welcoming lot of gamers I have rarely run into.

    Eventually I plan on discussing what is in that BT water for so many of them on my blog.

    Or maybe I am just too open and welcoming of a person and the average Battletech group's insistences of playing one style with one type of miniature in one timeframe with one amount of miniatures with the same small group of existing players on the same date and time schedule and everyone else does not exist AT ALL doesn't make much sense to me.

    Which is probably why in the last 2-3 years I have taught more people to play Battletech than the local active group of Battletech players have.

  6. Hmm. Interesting. Well, maybe there's something going on then. Too bad.

  7. Another necro posting. They seek her here, they seek her there...

    Battletech, love & loathing in the 31st Century, courtesy of giant stompy robots of death. For me the game was always about the fun of designing your own stuff, so even though I had the Technical Read Outs, I always felt I could design a better set of stats than the what was published officially by FASA et al. Still true even now, though that may be a bit arrogant of me?

    Also I note that when I came across MechWarrrior Clix that I no longer had the desire to design my own stats, because you can't really. End of story, but Battletech was always predicated on being able to design your own designs, and boy-oh-boy the game is full of designs.

    Anyway, the background. Yesterdays history of tomorrow feels a little bit like watching Babylon 5, it's there and it colours the universe setting. For me though the Canon universe is just a set of guidelines to play within, nothing more, nothing less. Then again I'm an OSR.


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