Sunday, December 6, 2009

Do you read books? About blogs?

I remember that I once heard that some industrious individual had decided to collect the best of rpg blogging and publish it as a book. It sounded a bit preposterous at the time, but since then I have started a blog of my own and have put more than a few on my daily reading list. At this time I consider some bloggers to be friends I visit to see what they are up to today.

So, maybe I shouldn't be too surprised to hear that once again it's time to collect the best there is of rpg fan writing and publish a book. You can nominate texts here if you have read anything you feel is good enough. I have never read the first volume, and now when I publish stuff myself I don't know if I dare to. Nobody would be more suprised than me if anyone felt like nominating my texts, but it still feels like projects like this keeps you honest and focused. Some guys out there are good and nobody wants to look bad in comparison, right? Time to think of favourites I have bookmarked.
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