Tuesday, October 19, 2010

Update on my rules project

Today I realized I haven't been thinking on my psionics rules in a while. Some real life happened, and even though it seems like the subject is always buzzing around the web, I haven't managed to calm down and be creative. A few days like that and suddenly a fortnight have passed!

The project is still on, and I keep thinking that psionics in fantasy is a cool addition. One problem I have though, is I keep shifting back and forth between doing the traditional cloning, and new development inspired by the old sources. Some ideas from the old sources are antithetical to how I think rules should work, and still I would like to at least preserve the feel of the quirkiness of the source.

I'm definitely going to make another serious push this week. Maybe I can hash out a definitive stance at least.


  1. I hope you come up with different solution than "psionics is just another form of magic". Are you planning to make your psi-rules different from generic magic rules?

  2. I hated that part of 3rd ed psionics. Making psionics different and not using points are two key design goals of mine.

    I actually thought I had delineated them in a blog post. Maybe I forgot.


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