Sunday, October 10, 2010

A rare treat - gaming snacks

Today I found something foreign to these pagan shores, A&W root beer!

When I met James Raggi, we talked a bit about North American longings of ours, and proper root beer was mine. I was very glad to find this at a cafe me and my family visited today. Yes Jim, not only in Helsinki! Aint that grand? One can cost roughly $3!!

This of course makes me think back to what kind of snacks and drinks I've had during game sessions. Root beer, while very tasty, have never been a gaming drink of mine. Coke, Dr Pepper and black tea have been, though. When it comes to eating I have been trying to stay away from anything that can leave greasy spots on my game books.

Fatty snacks and Mountain Dew seem to be the kind of stuff gamers are "supposed to" be stuffing their face with, but I wonder how well that actually reflect reality?

I'm thinking of trying to get hold of a bunch of cans of A&W root beer and bring to my next game sessions, just because it's there!
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