Friday, October 15, 2010

Dungeon designed by 5 year old

 The best way to make sure the hobby survive must be to make sure your offspring is taught the skills early, right?

A few weeks back I took out my notes for my The Dungeon of Voorand in order to check some small detail. My daughter saw the funny drawings daddy had done, and immediately insisted on making her own in that style. She picked the best parts and invented some similar looking on her own.

She loves to draw and paint.

Can you tell which is mine and which is hers?

I think it would be so sweet to be able to hand over the reins to her and have her sit behind the screen and have her take us through her dungeon.

Maybe I need to wait a few more years.


  1. Cool! Looks like you have a trainee DM on your hands. Has she stocked and statted it yet?

  2. Not yet. I'm hoping to lure her into the next step after a few more drawings of dungeon rooms.

    I'm very tempted to do like Jeff Rients did and have a form and ask her questions to fill in the blanks.

  3. Maybe not as long as you think. This guys alreayd gaming with his kids. You'll be surprised when you see their ages.

  4. I've done thorough Melanian analysis on the two maps submitted, and determined that the top map is by far the most promising dungeon. ;-)

  5. Damn, Theodric, I'm afraid you are right!

  6. That's awesome! My 5 year old "helped" me while I was stocking a dungeon with the charts in Labyrinth Lord, and she had some great ideas regarding traps and tricks (all nonlethal and probably inspired by Dora cartoons). She also wanted to know everything about the monsters I rolled up, and took it all very seriously, always asking, after I described them, if they were real or just pretend.

  7. Mike,

    That's so charming. My daughter seem to have a zoo of imaginary friends, and some of them are also real and some just pretend.

    How I wish I remember what I was thinking at that age.


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