Wednesday, October 13, 2010

Ow my gawd!

B.A. Felton's game Dawg RPG is here, in front of me.

Friends, there is a game out there about roleplaying dogs!

When I thought I could imagine a game about anything, I still didn't get the idea abouts dogs. I'm not sure if it means I need some more creative energy, or that someone at Kenzer & Co are just nuts. It's probably me.


  1. Go watch All Dogs Go To Heaven, Oliver & Company, 101 Dalmatians, and maybe, just maybe, Cats & Dogs. And I am sure I am missing a lot of other shows. Dog Stories are a popular subgenre, and if you can't find some inspiration out there, you're not trying hard enough. :D

    Now, getting your players to play along, that's the tougher sell.

  2. It's just Bunnies and Burrows told from the villains' point of view ;)

  3. Hard sell doesn't even begin to describe it! I don't think I could convince my friends to play Bunnies and Burrows either.

    Come to think of it, there was a long section in a Dean R Koontz novel written from the perspective of a dog, wasn't there?


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