Sunday, October 3, 2010

Reviews of newbie friendly old shool games

I just read this review of Swords & Wizardry, the white box edition. The idea to review games that really tries to bring in new gamers while touting the old school horn is interesting. I note that the reviewer mentions nothing of the bad production quality or the uneven cut, like my copy. Damn, how lucky I got the bad copy. :(

At that site is also a review of Tunnels & Trolls! Having thought a bit about the 7th ed box I think agree with the reviewer, for a newbie this box don't work as is. Some better adventures and maybe some more thoughts about what kind of setting it can be used for. It's a bit hard to place T&T. It's solidly old school, with no setting. But, there's an implied setting which is even mentioned by name, Trollworld. That makes it resemble the newer games with a over supported setting. It would be a good thing to either drop Trollworld or explain how it differs from ye old medieval game world.

Good reviews all!


  1. The problem with all those Old School intro games is that they are hardly in a position to get to the newbies since they lack distribution power. So they continue to preach to the choir...

  2. Your criticism do have some merit. But, on the other hand, even the big players depend on the internet as a marketing venue these days...

  3. I did a pretty in depth review of T&T 7.5 myself.

    Honestly one thing we Net folks seem to forget is how barely utilized the net is for most people.

    For every 1 gamer deeply connected to the online world and getting our info from it there are probably 24 gamers who aren't.

  4. You did Captain? Damn, I missed that.

    Mm. I guess that needs reminding, once in a while. Still nobody have their games at Sears these days.


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