Wednesday, November 18, 2009

Some very sad news

I sometimes check in on a couple of web forums, but usually don't stay long since the flames are frequent and often quite intense. Today I found something which wasn't exactly a flamewar, but it sure is intense.

Some of you might have heard of Outlaw Press, a small hobby publisher of T&T books. Today I found them in the midst of a fairly serious controversy over at concerning the use of art. Apparently some of the art used for cover in OP publications are suspected to be used without permission. Some of the artists involved have been contacted and claim no permission to use their art have been given. Sad and very, very bad.

I really hope that there is a misunderstanding somewhere, like OP bought the rights from some kind of artist repository or agency which the artists aren't fully aware of. But, I'm afraid it don't look pretty.

So, what should anyone care about this, unless you are one of the artists in question? Well, Flying Buffalo who owns the trademark of T&T haven't (for different reasons) been publishing much for the game for a long time, and now Outlaw Press is the main source of Tunnels & Trolls publication. Adding to that the fact that plenty of their products are very nice, and it becomes more and more troubling.

If they are found guilty of theft, and the law is brought into this, it could mean the main source of T&T goodies drying up. Naturally, if someone breaks the law he only have himself to blame when justice knocks on the door. What makes it more troubling for me is that I would love to buy some of that goodies, but right now I don't know if I feel like I could, with a clean conscience, even if nothing comes of it.


  1. A while back they were selling copies of "Mazes and Minotaurs" a free game they had no rights to.
    They did pull game from their catalog after being approached by the author/publisher.

  2. I guess the company name is kind of fitting

  3. Because of Flying Buffalo's association with Outlaw Press, will the 5.5 ed. and 7.5 ed. boxed sets be pulled from Flying Buffalo's catalog? I want to pick up a copy of the 5.5 boxed edition, soon. Or will this problem fall squarely on Outlaw Press?

  4. 5.0 and 5.5 are FBI publications and thus won't be affected.

    7.0 and 7.5 are Fiery Dragon publications and thus won't be affected.

    This is just about the products released under license by Outlaw Press.

  5. What Dyson said. Everything on sale from FBI and FDP will be totally unaffected.

    Frankly, not much might come from this at all, but until Shipman posts some kind of defence, more and more incriminating evidence makes me think less and less of the man.

  6. Glad somebody else remembered the M&M thing - happened about a year ago.

  7. Thanks for the link, Ragnorakk!

    I'm getting more and more sad by this story.


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