Sunday, November 22, 2009

New projects starting to brew

I have been on an emotional roller coaster the last few days. There have been happy event with my family, depressing news on the web about misconduct and deception in rpg publishing, and sad news like the death of old guard Blackmoor player Richard L. Snider. The usual ups and downs.

Many times I don't feel like a very creative individual. Starting this blog and posting once every other day is one way to force myself to be creative. Now I have gotten some ideas, though. For the first time since I started to run my T&T campaign have I really felt like creating something new. I have a pad of graph paper by my bed, so when I get one of those ideas as I fall asleep I can grab the pad and sketch some dungeon rooms. I'm thinking that some of the sad things might have spurred me into action.

I know that since Knockspell magazine and Fight On! magazine started publishing, and many old school D&D bloggers started to sell their creations, there have been mumblings to the effect that it seems like those venues suck up all the good stuff. The result would be that there are no longer so that people put stuff up for free.

Do you think this is a correct picture of reality? I have no idea, myself. But, it makes me think. I have been saying that I am considering publishing on a more serious scale myself if the conditions can be met. But, at the same time I'm wondering about who would care about my dungeon scribblings?

So, I'm probably going to put some of it up here, and then we'll see what comes of it. Hopefully it will give me some hints on how to proceed.


  1. Everybody loves a dungeon.

    The most popular posts to my blog are the maps and dungeons.

  2. As someone who not only compulsively downloads every free thing I can get my hands on, but also has bought pretty much every old school pdf put up for sale, I haven't noticed any drop off in the amount of free stuff since folks started selling their gear, or donating it to Knockspell and Fight On!

    If anything, there has been quite an increase in the amount of material available (free or otherwise) since these two publications began, as more and more folk have been encouraged to simply have a go and put forward their ideas. So much so that it is difficult to keep up.

    A telling point is the fact that more than one blogging author has polished up their free stuff and successfully sold it for money to a hungry and satisfied audience.

  3. Everybody do love a dungeon!

    But when you post maps online, Dyson, the rest of us barely dare. They look bad in comparison.

    Now I just need to find myself a scanner. I just can't work on the computer.

  4. Interesting to hear you say that David. According to some, the amount of free stuff have dried up. I haven't actually looked around myself, since I have too much on my plate already. Good to know that it seems like the market is flourishing.

    The hardest for me is probably deciding if I have anything worth posting, but I'll create some and you'll have to tell me! :)


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