Saturday, November 14, 2009

Harn, anyone?

After my discovery of the lethalness of infection in DragonQuest, I have become quite curios about this phenomena in other games. Anyone out there know how it works in Harn? That game have a reputation as being for the realism striving gamers, so it sounds like a good candidate for infection, if you see what I mean.


  1. I've been interested in Harn for a long time but haven't bought it yet. I have the wargaming rules called Battle Lust but I really want to try out Harn!

  2. The best bits of Harn are hard to come by. Cities of Harn and Son of Cities. Encyclopedia Harnica. Castles of Harn. I've never been a fan of the rules-system myself, but the maps, buildings and world-building materials are top-notch.

    The npc names were annoying. The historical background has never appealed to me. And it is a little too 'realistic' for my liking. Some things are meant to be a mystery.

  3. Yeah, I see what both of you mean. I think the HarnWorld stuff I've seen have been excellent, but boring.

    The rules I don't know much about, thus my question, but even if I've left the green fields of Simulationism, I still feel the allure.

  4. I wonder if I've got a copy of the rules around. If so, I will try to blog a summary. My recall is that it was too detailed (armor by location, too many attributes) unneccesarily low-magic and no mystery to the magic, two-dimensional and unbelievable evil religions, derivative, limited and uninteresting monsters, and list goes on.

    But I loved the terrain maps and cities, towns and castle maps.

  5. Too be fair, I did like the way they handled damage. Weapons did static damage and the damage varied depending on what aspect you used.

    There were 3 aspects: Blunt, Edge, Point. A sword might be B3 E8 P5. So if you were attacking skellies with your sword, you would only do 3 damage, since you had to use it "Blunt". A Mace might be B5 E0 P0. So you could only use it Blunt.

  6. I like Harns rules system but can't stand the world, and ignore all aspects and mention of it. Although I do have to admit the worlds details are impressive, but the worlds just cheesy.

    The rules are excellent, but too gritty for my current tastes. But if you want to run a gritty realistic campiagn I give Harn a firm endorsement.


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