Tuesday, November 24, 2009

Metalheads, and old school gamers?

I have begun to see admissions and revelations from more than one blogger, last from Nerzenjäger's Take That You Fiend! and Scott Malthouse at Trollish Delver as being metalheads. I think you all know James Raggi likes metal, eh?

As I was sitting on the bus yesterday I was fooling around with my mp3 player. I'm not an early adopter and this is my first music playing gadget ever. I have loaded a bunch of stuff into the thing, since I still don't know much about my listening habits. After settling upon an album and starting to listen I almost burst into laughter when the observation above came to me like a flash of lightning. Need I tell you what kind of music I was listening to? Go take a peek at Sirenia's official web page if you like. There's more in that small piece of electronics. I need to get my Judas Priest converted to mp3 soon.

So, bringing this back to gaming, I wonder if we four bloggers with a interest in older styles of gaming perchance have a similar taste in music because of that. As soon as I write that somebody will probably tell me I'm talking out of my butt and say that they have been playing the white box since day one and only listens to jazz.

Whatever. I still think some games just feel energetic, powerful and plain out tastlessly over the top in a way that makes me think metal. I have some of those associations and feelings. My old love affair Chaosium's Stormbringer, is the game to play with Hawkwind on the turntable. Rock on, Elric!

Yeah, you noticed that this is not one of my brainy posts.

I just can imagine what kind of game would make me think of jazz. Sorry, jazz lovers...


  1. I'm there with you too. As long as you don't try to persuade me that new Metallica is Metallica - and you recognize the awesomeness that is FUCKING SLAYER, we'll get along jes' fine! :D

  2. I am a huge metal fan. Everything from Deep Purple to Jungle Rot. Most of my gamer friends in high school were also metalheads.

    Maybe it's an "outcast" thing, or maybe we like to be into things that aren't too mainstream. Dunno.

    However, while reading through some BHP adventures, I was listening to the new Slayer and Megadeth. :)

  3. ... old school metal, yeah. :)

    And prog.

    ... best yet, metal/prog mixed (and I don't mean Dream Theater style... :P)

  4. Old school gamer and metal fan. My memories of 1st ed AD&D all seem to be connected to Iron Maiden and Judas Priest.

  5. "My old love affair Chaosium's Stormbringer, is the game to play with Hawkwind on the turntable. Rock on, Elric!"

    Hell yes! Don't even get me started about my ideas regarding Hawkwind and the perfect Elric movie. Hawkwind is in heavy rotation in my games.

  6. White box day one jazz listener would be me, I guess, though lately I've been listening more to string quartets. Spohr over Slayer any day of the week and twice on Sundays.

  7. Hmmm, to add a wrinkle and more "evidence".

    I like metal. I also like punk(which is what I grew up on), new wave, electronica, hardcore-techno, mozart, Tchoskey and some other classical, All sorts of Jazz from Django to Sun Ra, French Pop of the 60's, Classic Rock, Weird stuff like Klas Nomi, Johnny Cash, and so on. But, not Top 40, not new country.

    I like old-school, I had LBB and now dig B/X. I also grew up on 1st Ed AD&D, love Rolemaster to pieces, All sorts of D&D 2nd ed, d20, 3.5, C&C, FUDGE, Weird stuff like Arduin, Ars Magica, and so on. But, not Gurps, not 4th ed.

    Point being musical ADD -> gamer ADD ???

  8. New Metallica is Metallica. It's just old Metallica, as in old James, old Lars (like how new D&D is still D&D :) ). Even bands age, look at the Stones. They even sound old when singing the stuff of their youth. I'm a bit of a metalhead (and been playing since white box), but I like a bit of everything. I'm with Jim, too, prog metal FTW - Queensryche, King Crimson, Tool (I was never into Rush, though).

  9. I'm not old school, but I like metal... *shrug*

  10. I have too found a joy in Metal as well as my 30 year addiction to this hobby.

    But things do change - I still enjoy Queensryche and Ozzy and Iron Maiden - as well as Lordi and Slayer (new and old).

    Devil is a loser...and he's my bitch.


  11. jamused, we love you anyway. :)

    BTW, I'm solidly with chgowiz on Old Metallica...

    Great fun comments all!

  12. I have to throw in two simple links in response to New Metallica:



  13. I'll add this one as well:


  14. I was more into punk, but like metal too. Mostly thrashier metal Motorhead, D.R.I., M.O.D., Anthrax, S.O.D.....etc.

  15. This most reccent Slayer album KILLZ !!!

  16. @Atom: Ah, my high school years were spent listening to D.R.I.'s "4 of a Kind" cd.

    Regarding new Metallica: They have the classic first 4 albums. Well, I consider "Death Magnetic" Metallica's true 5th release. It sounds like a more natural progression from AJFA than the Black Album.

    Actually, all the recent releases from the "Big Four" (still waiting on Anthrax's new one) have been great. I especially like the new Testament -- the 5th band in the Big Four! ;)

  17. Hmmm. It was a while since I listened to Megadeth, come to think of it...

  18. Damn, SOD - now I'm in a very heavy nostalgic mood. Those first few chords from "March" are timeless...


  19. Hmmm... stumbling into this one a bit late, but all I have to say is...



    Seriously, my musical tastes these days range far and wide, but my earliest days of playing D&D are inextricably linked to metal - Rainbow (Dio), Sabbath (Dio) and Maiden, primarily - as I seemed to discover both around the same time. (As a result, I will forever associate "Sign of the Southern Cross" with D&D.)


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