Sunday, February 5, 2012

A lack of commenting ability

It seems like whatever I do, I can't comment on blogs that use blogger, and have a comment box beneath the comments. Like mine. It seems like I can't use my google account, only OpenID. Very annoying. If anyone have any hints, feel free to suggest them! I am using Firefox v10 and it was the same with v9. I would have stayed with 3.6 sites had not started bug me about upgrading. Not your business, bud! Anyway, I can tried clearing a cookies and restarting to no effect. *sigh*


  1. I believe that Google's system requires that you allow 'third party cookies'. Try changing your security settings to allow them.

    Check out this link.

  2. I have been having the same issue as of late. I'm using Chrome, and after having wiped it from my drive and then reinstalled it, it now works fine. deleting

  3. Third party cookies was apparently a setting I had ignored, or something have changed.

    Damn, how I hate Google and their ilk!

    Thanks Scott!

    I wonder if Chrome may not have the full "wishlist" of Google, allowing their sites to do whatever they think should be ok. *sigh*

    What I find most ironic is that searching the net, using (wait for it...) google, I didn't find that solution!

  4. Happy to help. Google's G+ changeover is like a bull in a china shop.

  5. Another thing to be aware of is that you have to sign in to Google *and* Blogger before visiting any blog you might or might not want to comment on. I used to have a problem where I'd go to a blog, try to comment, and it wouldn't let me pick my Google account as a profile identity. I got in the habit of checking my Blogger dashboard first before going to Google Reader, so that I would be logged in if I decided to comment on something I read.

  6. Talysman,

    Really? I had not even noticed that. Bull in a china shop, indeed. God how sucky this is...

  7. Isn't it easier just to have your comments open in the little box? I've never had an issue commenting, even from Firefox 2, when the box was in use... only when comments are below the post.

  8. Personally I dislike the fact that I have to move the focus to a new window, scroll down to the bottom and then post. Too many steps.


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