Saturday, February 18, 2012

Gender, gaming, are you serious?

How the hell can you make such a fuzz over such a thing?

You think the old AD&D contained boatloads of stupid stuff? I sure think so. Ignore it! Nobody used all that stuff anyway. If they did, we had more fun than them. Wrongbadfun, right?

You think WotC must|must not include whatever such moronic stuff in their new game? Well, who cares about that Type V thing, when we have the old stuff, right? Right?

And if you are a moronic misogynistic twit, I will just ignore you.

The 'net is full of idiots. Ignore them.


  1. Misogyny is definitely bad, but what are you ranting against exactly? Who is making a fuss about what?

  2. Way too many people have been posting on AD&D limiting female stats and suchlike. As far as I've found out, it was WotC that asked what people wanted in 5th ed and included a highlight of Gygaxism, some weirder than others.

    I mean, why bother?

  3. Ah I see. Some people seem to want to put off women from roleplaying. I don't understand why. :-(

  4. I don't like gender limits but i'm not outraged if people want to talk about. While i'm normally a big proponent of simulationism, gender limits seems unnecessarily simulationist.


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