Wednesday, February 29, 2012

Followers widget gone?

I just noticed that the Followers widget seems to be broken. Anyone else noted it and have a solution? Blogger is, as usual, really wonky sometimes.

I am not not involved in "following" blogs myself (I have zillions of them on my Bloglines reading list, though. I'm rebuilding the blog roll, but it takes time), since it seems to be mostly a tool usable when reading blog in the google reader, which I don't use.

But, I appreciate all my regular readers and followers, and it sucks to have a widget that wont work, right?


  1. I had mine leave and then pop back on once. The the other day blogger removed my entire blog. That was fun.

    I don't use google reader either, but I still like to join because joining lets me view blogs in dashboard.

  2. Yeah, it's busted, and has been so for a couple of months now. Google's support service for Blogger is, as always, profoundly unhelpful.

  3. Yeah it is.

    Thanks for giving me a sync up with the state of things!


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