Wednesday, February 15, 2012

Are feats that uninteresting?

Amazing. I had a big peak in readership when I posted about my take on FrDaves old school feats, but only one guy left a comment. Odd.

I wonder if there's a flame war going on somewhere that I'm missing...


I think they look cool anyway.


  1. I saw your other article regarding FRDaves feats and found it interesting and something I would -almost- use. It was just a little too much for my B/E or LL games.

    I thought the feats were pretty nifty and did try to think of a way to reduce their number or use but couldn't come up with anything myself.

    Still, a neat idea.

  2. Thanks Chad!

    I think they should be tested a bit before let loose. You could always say that any character could onlyt have one of these, and they choose it as 1st level. That way even someone with a lucky streak wont get a bunch of extra powers.

    1. Actually, this was my intention on how to use them...demi-humans get one, humans two chosen at first level, or something similar.

    2. We are talking about spicing up old school play after all. Not kewl poowers weekly. ;)


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