Saturday, May 29, 2010

What's the probability? AEG knows!

Remember the last post? I did find something yesterday that made me want to post a follow up.

Have you scratched your head about dice pool based systems? Those really drive me crazy when it comes to probabilities.

When AEG once printed the Game Masters' Guide to 7th Sea, designed by John Wick, they included something really nice, a table of probabilities.

If you own a copy of the GMG, turn to page 203 and you'll see the probabilities of reaching the different Target Numbers with different sized dice pools.

A big Thank You! to AEG for that table!

I wish every game designer included such a table in their game.


  1. The Burning Wheel has a very helpful table in, I think, the Monsters book; BW probabilities are less straightforward than usual. It's very useful when choosing skill levels.

  2. Really? Cool. I need to get/play BW one of these days...


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