Monday, May 17, 2010

No whitebox yet

With growing desperation I notice that more and more reports are coming in of arrivals of the Swords & Wizardry whitebox. It's not like I desperately need a new game, but still.

I keep watch by the mailbox.


  1. For some reason, it can take up to a month for a package to get where it is going in Canada. Back in December, I sent a package to a publishing partner (Arcana Creations) and it took four weeks. I bet we aren't 1000 miles apart.

    And then I've had some packages make it it England in ten days.

  2. I actually sent you an e-mail asking about the shipping time the shipper claim is to be expected, and haven't heard anything from you.

    For some reason I never thought that you of course could be reached like this...

    Since I've sadly left Canada for Europe I hope it don't take more than a month to show up here.

    Anyhow I'm quite sure it will be worth the wait! ;)

  3. Did you email me at:

  4. No, at

  5. I'm also in Europe (Sweden) and I'm also eagerly waiting for the White Box to show. Got a shipping notification three weeks ago so I'm hoping it arrives any day now. I'm currently playing a wilderness campaign from the pdf, but it'll be nice to have the box.

  6. I've gotten some clarification from John, and my delay was imaginary. Paypal had sent me a notification of shipping way to early, unknown to John.

    Now I just have to wait for real.

    If you live any where close to me Anders, I'd love to hear more about your campaign plans...

  7. Andreas, you've got mail. I'll train my patience some more then. (I recieved a note from the post office today, but it turned out to be three excellent darjeeling teas insted of a rpg :-)


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