Wednesday, May 5, 2010

Starship settings?

We were talking after our last session of 3:16 about science fiction
in roleplaying, and settings for gaming in general. It have struck me
that even though most games are fantasy games, there are some other
genres covered. Looking at those other genres, it seems like mostly
it's the indie games that covers the odd ones. I guess you have heard
of Contenders, right?

So, my question about settings is about starships. One of my friends
told me that when we have played sf, we have spend most of our time on
a spaceship. He suggested that was why it wasn't working out, since
most books and tv shows are not set on a ship all the time. But let's
think about gaming where that is the case.

Have you ever seen a game where the setting is a generation ship?


  1. Gene Wolfe's Long Sun series is very usable as an rpg setting.

  2. It is? I still haven't read it, since Gene admitted it was his accountant that suggested he write it.

    It has never been published as a rpg setting, though. At least not to my knowledge.

  3. I remember playing something similar to this when I was on my teens:

    Perhaps a bit off-topic, but enjoyed a lot flipping pages on that one:

    Cheers !

  4. There are quite a few old gems for the d6 SW game. Maybe that's another one then.

  5. Metamorphosis Alpha, first or second edition, where generations have passed since knowledge of the true nature of the 'world' was lost - in third and fourth edition, the Starship Warden barely has enough time to leave the solar system before colliding with an alien warship. Mind you, the ship is so big that Babylon 5 and the Red Dwarf could float about inside one of its decks without hitting anything.

  6. If you just need a setting, you could do a tabletop remake of a sci-fi FPS game. Perhaps System Shock, or Marathon?

  7. I know nothing of computer games. I don't play them...

    But I'm now on the look out for Metamorphosis Alpha!


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