Tuesday, May 18, 2010

I have too much choice

I have been thinking the last week about how much I want to start a new game. We have been getting regular sessions going every Wednesday with indie games, lately it's been 3:16, and since it is a game with a time limit I have been thinking of what's up next.

My biggest problem have been to pick one game. I have too much to choose from! Quite a problem to have, eh?

My latest idea, which might be void and null tomorrow, is to use the big fat tome of BRP to play in second age Glorantha. It would feel kind of fitting to use that game system, since I have only tried the seriously broken Hero Wars, and BRP was after all born as a gloranthan system.

Why I'm not thinking of using MRQ? Well. I don't own it, and I need any more to choose from, do I?
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