Tuesday, June 1, 2010

A report from outside the dungeon. There's a dungeon here!

I'm in Amsterdam, The Netherlands, on a business trip right now. As can be expected, nothing much related to gaming happens on a business trip. But, traveling to my hotel last night I saw something odd. There's a dungeon here, and it's even advertised for on the streets!

I have always held the opinion that one of the masterstrokes of Tunnels & Trolls is Ken St Andre's marvelous idea of dungeons as playgrounds created by insane wizards and "gods". You get a reason for dungeons to exist, and you have a place for them in the greater economy and you can get a laugh out of that funny character downtown handing out flyers trying to attract delvers to a newly digged dungeon.

In Amsterdam (and apparently London, Edinburgh, York and Hamburg) it's even for real! In this case it's lacking the insane wizard. I hope.
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