Saturday, October 31, 2009

RPG Bloggers Network melt down, or maybe not?

During the week that went by, I was incapacitated with flu. As it always is, that's when things really start to happen. I'm kind of used to that. Life plays those kind of tricks of irony upon you. This last one was more mysterious, though. What did happen? I haven't the foggiest.

So. The RPG Bloggers Network had some kind of seizure. I had to go back to the webpage and resubscribe to the RSS feed for all the updates, but I saw no message indicating anything different than usual.

At the same time I've seen many of the blogs I read refering to how bad something can blowup when you're not careful, always somehow getting through that they really mean RPGBN. It's very clear to me that some big thing have happened, but when and where? The closest I've gotten to an idea of what has happened is that someone else have started a new network, more social like Facebook. Also, there seem to have been arguments some times about the criteria for joining RPGBN. So what? Someone starts an aggregation service and who will then decide what he want to aggregate? Everyone else? I'm thinking it kind of makes sense for the guy who runs the show to call the shots, right? Maybe it's more to it.

God knows what happend, and I'm amazed that I have seen none of it happening, but the talk afterwards. As long as RPGBN provides feeds that people can subscribe to and find my blog, I'm happy. I've found bunches of stuff that way myself.

Edit: Now I found this link which gives some more information. How the hell are you supposed to find it from the frontpage?!

So what does that mean? Business as usual? I'm confused.


  1. Nutshell: There was a tiff over a blog that was denied membership, which accelerated but didn't cause the founders of RPGBN stepping down; they announced they would hand it off immediately, which caused a bit of a ruckus with multiple people offering to take it over (with different kinds of governance structures and possibly sponsorship ads to defray the cost). The founders decided to require proposals from interested parties and they'd hand it off to the one they liked best, or if they didn't like any just shut it down. Berin Kinsman initially submitted a proposal, but decided to withdraw that and set up a ning community instead (which is more like facebook plus forums and blogs). About 300 people joined up, mostly from the RPGBN. As far as I can tell those that are RPGBN members are still members and their posts are still in the feed, though many are concerned that it might implode entirely or the rules for membership might change in a way they find unwelcome.

  2. I've put a couple of posts on how things happened in the following links, you can find what started the whole thing in the first one and what the RPGBN board decided on the second.

    Now we are awaiting for the board's decision on which proposal they will pick which they will make on the 31st of this month.

  3. Thanks for trying to clear up the mists of confusion guys, much appreciated!


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