Tuesday, October 13, 2009

Thanks Pinnacle/Studio 2 Publishing!

I bought Savage World: Explorer Edition a short while ago. Some of you might have noticed that the second printing was not holding up to normal wear, and had pages fall out. I contacted PEG, and was very pleased to hear that they would replace my book!

Today it showed up, and not only had they sent me a replacement for free, they had also included a freebie and a catalog with all the products carried by S2P. That's a sure way to get me to become very positive to a game company. I'm going to look hard and that catalog now, and will feel very tempted. Goodwill, how sweet its taste!

Guess if I want to play Savage Worlds after this experience?

Thanks Pinnacle!


  1. Pinnacle is a total class act, and loves their customers.

  2. Hey, that's what I like about Pinnacle. They're a class act.

  3. I've been impressed! MMP is the coolest game company in that regard so far.

    How annoying that I haven't gotten a game going, yet!


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