Monday, October 5, 2009

Uther was dutch! Awesome Blackmoor archeology by James Mishler!

I just read James Mishler's awesome post of Blackmoor archeology, where we takes a closer look at the sources of inspirations Dave might have used. It's fairly convincing, and fun to boot! I had read, some way back, that Dave mentioned a "Dutch map" as the source for Blackmoor, and James shows up how it could have been done. Personally I know how the original Wilderness maps looks like, but to say that the map in The First Fantasy Campaign is surely is Bob Bledsaw's work is beyond my capabilities. I do trust James when it comes to maps and familiarity with Bob, though.

For anyone curious about RPG history, or the development of the campaign where our hobby evolved, this is a must-read post my friends!

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