Friday, September 19, 2014

100 things you have to do to play like the Old Days, or less...

I guess you have seen those books, or websites with lists like "100 movies to see before you die!"?

This is the XX things to do before you have fully tasted the Old Ways of Gaming. Maybe not all deadly serious

  1. play stable style
  2. had mass battle
  3. encounter green slime
  4. play the strategic game - both small and large scale
  5. play a Braunstein
  6. play Diplomacy
  7. design your own magic item
  8. design a monster of your own
  9. use a house hold item as a prop
  10. stabbed a fellow player character in the back
  11. had a solo run
  12. house ruled magic and combat
  13. encountered hi tech in a lo tech world
  14. played a game of multiple sides amongst the players
  15. had a player character die from a critical hit
  16. painted a lead figure of your player character
  17. figured out how to randomly roll, with even distribution, results from a table like this even there are more entries than sides on your die

Feel free to fill in with more.

For the real deal about playing like they did back in the days in the mid west, check out Jeff Berry's blog.


  1. Use a rule, monster, class, or magic item from a 'zine at your table.

  2. Make a realistic prop, like a map with scorched edges.

  3. Lose a character to a "save or die" saving throw.

  4. Run a game and have your players completely ignore your adventure and start slaughtering all the townspeople.

  5. Come dressed as your character.

    Twist a magic item listed in the DMG (or other rulebook) into a different form, i.e. cloak instead of ring, hat instead of boots, etc.

    Affect a funny voice or wear a different hat for each NPC when you're the DM.

    Make up class variations which get around rules restrictions, i.e. elven paladins in 1e.

  6. Exactly, gentlemen!!! Dave Arneson talking in funny voices was something to savor...

    Wonderful list! Thank you! (And yes, I ddi the map with burned edges, too...)


    - chirine

  7. Don't you all want to start a new game, tonight? :)

  8. Hell yes!

    "Decide what to do with the surviving
    Orc babies."

  9. I have some similar thoughts on my 'bucket list' here:

    Things of note:
    -- Playing a game in the dark with glow in the dark dice and candles.
    -- Run a campaign that starts at level 1 and hits at least level 10.
    -- Play the same character for more than a year (haven’t done this since the 80’s).

  10. Have a player try to sabotage the game because they think it's boring.
    One female (player, PC) at a table full of males leads to an awkward moment.
    Create items out of permanent-effect spells that your DM eventually bans as being broken.

  11. DM introduces the first glimmerings of plot into a previously hack and slash game.
    DM or players screwing up so badly that the session is retroactively ruled null, void and imaginary.

  12. I'm beginning to think some of these are told from experience...


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