Saturday, January 15, 2011

Using D&D modules with T&T

I found this nice table on my hard disk. No author or indication of where I got it from, sadly.

(edited to include the table as a picture so it fits the page. I really need to take some time to investigate another layout of this blog. Thanks for the heads up, Timeshadows!)

Now I am thinking that maybe this can be used to be able to convert monsters in Rappan Athuk to T&T on the fly. If, say, a 5 HD monster is called for, I look at the line for level and finding 5 I read out the MR in the column for Normal, or maybe Hard if the monster have class levels. How about that?

Every time I get back to a game I haven't run in a while I get this sense of dislocation before the old reflexes kick back in. Right now the feeling of how to gauge a fitting MR is really rusty.


  1. The page settings don't seem to show the Hard MR column, although my Copy and Paste does show it in the txt editor I am using.

    Would you please consider making that a file download, or a .png or .jpg?

    It is neat looking.
    --I'll have to mull over the methodology.

    Thanks. :)

  2. Thanks for making me aware of the problem!

    Now it is a picture, which hopefully fits the page, and can be clicked to enlarge.

  3. here's somr quick and simple conversion I've used:
    I usually go with level or HD x 10 to find MR. Ac matter for D&D npc's/monsters so it's not a bad idea to account for this when switching to T&T. One could use a host of methods the easiest is 1 or 1/2 point of T&T armor for each point of AC away from unarmored the D&D foe is.
    D&D monsters also don't have an ablative combat ability so fixing adds for them in combat works well and makes the math easier as the fight goes on, I'd go with 1/2 MR. add any pluses to adds and MR

    Ogre AC:5 HD:4+1 becomes
    Ogre MR:41 Adds:+21 Armor: 4
    (the ogre starts fighting with 5dice +21 adds and finishes fighting with 1die + 21 adds.)

  4. Hmm. That seem to follow the Easy column quite well from roughly level 2 to 10. Maybe it will be a good idea for me to keep it in that ballpark then, since you have actually tried it, JDJarvis.

    I must confess I had totally forgotten about armor...

  5. I actually converted an entire Dungeon Crawl Classic over to 7.5 T&T. Its surprisingly easy just to eyeball it really. Just baseline that a hit die is 10MR, and special abilities activate on 6s and you can really fly through it. (Skill stuff just make a difficulty based on party level.)

    Id say for higher level than 1st, maybe double up to 5 hit die D*D. (So 10, 20, 40, 80, 160. I didn't look at the chart above but it seems to mesh up decently. I dunno if I just impressed or scared myself.)

    For 3-4th ed D&D conversions I bet just taking the monster's HP as their MR would work pretty nicely too, especially in 4th ed where everything has silly levels of HP.

    AC and AR probably would match nicely by subtracting 10 from the D20 era AC and you have the Armor in T&T.

  6. Great feedback, everyone. Thanks a lot!

  7. Hi,

    I don't know if this will help you, but I thought to offer it just the same.

  8. That looks interesting. But, I have no Facebook account, so I can neither print nor download it. Do you think you could mail it to me?


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