Sunday, January 16, 2011

Imagine meeting a... duck in Rappan Athuk!

One thing I really appreciated was how Glorantha had a very cool mix of high and low. I put that in past tense, since in the new HeroWars/HeroQuest era (and that bone dry anthropology 101 book, Thunder Rebels) way to much energy have been spent on making it a superhero game with a social context.

The place names was one thing which always made me smile. Those are still around, luckily. Sadly the great issue 16 of Tales of the Reaching Moon have been superseded. I thought it was a great idea to include things like the Red Square and other cold war era spoofs in the lunar empire. Gaming should be about making fun, right?


There is a creature which for some really nails the silly aspect of Glorantha. Naturally I speak of the anthropomorphic ducks. While they are silly (they are!), they therefor have quite a potential to pack a lot of emotional punch when you play them straight. I have always loved the idea of Death Drakes. A small, beaked, fellow who worship the god of Death and Honour. A small, beaked, fellow who kicks serious ass. A small, beaked, fellow you don't want to walk past your farm because this affinity with Death makes your chickens keel over. A small, beaked, fellow who's affinity with Death, and stay dead, makes him invaluable as a hunter of undead. Where would such a fellow show up if not in a dungeon riddled with undead and temples to Orcus?

Imagine meeting a duck, in Rappan Athuk!
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