Monday, January 10, 2011

Once again into the breach - starting a new campaign

So now my Wednesday group have ended due to scheduling difficulties and I'm looking to recruit some new people for a game. First question is of course, what are we going to play?

Since I have no players I'm going to decide what I want and then find players who want to play that. My problem then is to decide.

Have you looked at your game collection lately? There's a lot of choices there. At least there are in my collection of almost 100 different game systems! Naturally I felt this kind of talked to me. How many editions of the same game do I own?

A few.

Right now I'm looking at a few alternatives. I will have to decide on either AD&D 1st ed, S&W, T&T of some edition, B/X D&D or LotFP Weird Fantasy? It would be kind of cool to try my hand at ToEE, or doing Keep on the Borderland with B/X. But, wouldn't it be even cooler do to Rappan Athuk with T&T? Some times I wish I was one of those people which feel the small OD&D box and their imagination is all they need.

Damn. I have too much choice.

That wasn't such a meaty post, was it? Well, I might have some more interesting stuff to say in the days to come, when I ponder the possibilities and maybe feel like creating something.


  1. After running Rappan Athuk, I feel so-so about it now. I enjoyed it, but the levels often felt very... isolated.

    Would I run it again? Mitigated Yes.
    Would I play it T&T style? Hell yes.

  2. Well, I have this memory of it as quite a roller coaster, from reading it, so it felt like it could work with T&T.

    Talk more to me about that feeling of isolation! Maybe there's a lesson to be learned somewhere there.

  3. I've run the first three levels of the Dungeon of the Graves using T&T. It was fun, but tough going for the PCs. Go for it!

  4. Cool to hear it can be done. I'm all ears if you want to talk about your experiences.

  5. Andreas, i've started to prune that list and pack away the majority of it. I have a few AD&D modules I'd luv to run with T&T. Time will tell.

  6. I ran Michael Curtis' Arneson memorial adventure (Fane of St. Toad) by on the fly converting to T&T and it went really well.

    Let us know how it goes, if you try, Tenkar!

    I'm almost decided that it will be T&T once again.


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