Monday, June 28, 2010

Blogging is good marketing!

Some of you surely read Grognardia some time back when James wrote about Daredevils. That post reminded me of why I dislike the gaming genre "pulp". It makes no sense at all, but I have given up hope of that fallacy ever being corrected. What I can understand and appreciate is the search for adventure, plain and simple. Letting go and just do daring deeds and confront villains of dubious character and rescue individuals (of your choice) in distress. That brings me to my latest brainbug, swashbuckling.

I started to plan for a game of 7th Sea a while back, and have now brought the rules on the commuting train in the mornings. Hopefully I will be able to serve up an adventure of panache and style. Right now I think a lot about how to start every fight with a boom, every social encounter with lot of drama and in between I envision chases.

While in that mindset I read James post and felt the urge. As you can see I got a package in the mail with some action adventure. It even included some of the tiniest d20 I've ever seen! Maybe there's even a buck I can swash in the box.
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