Thursday, June 3, 2010

A white box in the mail!

Today when I got home, my wife showed me a box that had came in the mail today. Not without some anticipation did I open it, and found a small white box, with multiple booklets inside!

Earlier I posted with some sinking feeling that my box never seemed to arrive. It turned out that when John Adams of Brave Halfling Press printed the address slips, PayPal silently in the background e-mail me saying the package had shipped! When it had, it didn't take that long for it to arrive. Sometimes you need a little faith and patience. 

Opening the box, the first impression is that the lower portion of the box is a bit flimsy. I think it's the same quality as the top, but on that have been glued the cover and edge illustration sheet, which keeps it together better than the thin strips on the edges on the bottom which which lacks illustration.

Some of the booklets had the signature extend a short bit from the cover, which was just slightly smaller. It should be easy enough to trim, if you have a cutter or an xacto knife or similar. I'd have to go to a print shop, though. On most of the booklets these small blemishes could be found.

That being said, I'm not dissatisfied or anything. This small box breathe enthusiasm, crammed as it is with booklets! You want to take them out, thumb through them and at once start world building, rolling up a characters and go out to explore the world.

Since I was one of those who got the second bunch of boxes, I got the extra module and it looks very creepy (in a good way!) and atmospheric.

Where I prone to reflection upon the hobby at large, I guess I could now talk about whether this is actually going to "expand the hobby" and all that. Me, I have more games than I need, and I suspect this have sold to more people like me. I don't care. This is a game that makes me want to play, which is all that matters.
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