Saturday, February 27, 2010

Ten days later

I guess it's time I realized the inevitable, this blog is on hiatus. I never seem to find time to blog any more, and when I do I find I no longer have much to say.

For some reason I wont give it all up, but let's say that it's now not just languishing, it is officially and intentionally postponed for a while. I will get back to it, some day.

There are still a lot out there to read, and I do manage to at least skim most of it. Keep it up people, I'll be back later.


  1. It's cool. There's no rule that says you have to blog regularly. In fact I'm bit shocked/overwhelmed that RPG bloggers tend to post every freakin day. It's too much, unsustainable.

  2. Yeah, I'm beginning to think you're right, Norman. I'm not the first one to encounter some burnout. But, I think a lack of regular gaming and a new job is very important for me loosing steam.

    And you will probably see me around, Timeshadow. I'm still reading and commenting all over the place.

  3. Andreas, please take a moment to go here:

  4. Sometimes I go a couple weeks without posting anything. I just post when something starts putting pressure on the inside of my skull and I have to get it out. It's better than trepanation.

  5. I'm humbled and flattered.

    Such public support and words of encouragement is what makes this community so great.

    It is indeed better than trepanation.

    I can't just let go of it, but I will take a breather.


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