Monday, February 15, 2010

How about low level documents from the original campaigns?

I have taken a look at my collection of adventures by Kuntz and Gygax and found out that they seem to be for very high levels. Anyone know if there have been any adventures published at all for lower levels? WG5 is for fairly high level adventures.

How about adventures in Blackmoor or Tekumel for low levels? Have it all been lost, and is all we now have later day recollection of name level achievements?

The only thing I can think of is Greg Svenson's remembrances of the first adventure in Blackmoor castle. Please let me know if you know of anything more.


  1. Are you meaning specifically "Stuff that was in the original campaigns"?

    There's always Hommlet and Keep on the Borderlands for low level Gygax. Not sure if Hommlet figured in at all with the actual early gaming days or if it was something invented for publication.

    And Kuntz did that C&C Dark Chateau adventure that's part of the whole Castle Zagyg thing, but again not sure if that has any relationship to their actual games in the early 70s.

  2. Specifically stuff used in the original campaigns, yes. Sorry for being a bit unclear on that part. I was throwing out an idea in the stream, after all.

  3. I'm a bit tired here, and forgot to comment the rest.

    Hommlet was something I always imagined to be a quite late invention, for some reason. Rob's Dark Chateau adventure had passed me by. I guess I can always send him a question about it.

  4. My understanding is that Dark Chateau is a low level module that was created recently, but harkens back to the spirit of the game as played in the 70's, in the original Castle GH.

  5. Hommlet was definitely in the original GH campaign. That's probably your best bet.

  6. Hommlet was in the original GH campaign? Cool.

    Thanks for the feedback, all..


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