Wednesday, September 23, 2009

A new way of looking at combat adds

Over at the Trollbridge, the very creative mind known as "Toad-Killer-Dog" put forth his suggestion on how to use different attributes to calculate combat adds for your T&T characters. I've seen many suggestions how to do this, many of them interesting, but none that so sharply went for the kill and just formulated the way to make the Types special.

This was his suggestion:

What if Warriors get to choose three attributes for combat adds.
Rogues get one attribute plus Luck for combat adds.
Wizards Luck alone for combat adds.

I really like this suggestion! In many fantasy rpgs the fighting man fades into obscurity as the mighty spell slingers aproach godhood. In 3rd ed D&D it's a common complaint that the Fighter is the less interesting combat character to play. That problem is usually solved with more feats and just more stuff. With T&T my canine friend have solved that problem far more elegant. I can see even now how much role playing potential there are in those attributes choosen by the players. Imagine the difference between a Rogue with LK & DX and LK & CHA.

Yes, I'm an old schooler that belives in role playing, like Ed Greenwood, not just moving pieces around on a board. Live with it. 


  1. That's a very cool idea, worthy of the Chaotic 8th edition. it does violate the K.I.S.S. rule, however. It's easier if there's only 1 rule for computing combat adds.

  2. It is indeed easier, and more elegant to have one way to do it. But, to differentiate Types a bit, this option is really nice. Maybe it could be included as an advanced, fiddly option.

  3. I agree with both comments.
    There is another, very interesting way to personalize your character under 7E, though: talents.
    I created one pirate and one gladiator based on the equipment they have, the adventures they played and their talents. In fact, they are both warriors and I didn't apply any special rules to them.

  4. Talents should not be overlooked, indeed.

    But, they don't do much about relative fighting ability, which the variant above handles.


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