Sunday, September 20, 2009

The gaming classic Daggerfall available for free

Those of you who have been me a while know that I once played the computer game Daggerfall. As an example of world building I found it amazing. Not only where the game so big it truly felt like you explored a whole world, the fact that your actions generated a reputation for you in the local area made it feel real. Your actions did have an impact on the world, without you being in the centre of the world all the time. Now I just learned that this game is available for free! If you visit the web home for the game series, you can try it out. While it might look a bit rough by the standards of today, I still think it could teach us something about world building for any roleplaying game.


  1. pretty cool. after spending an hour trying to install the thing, i saw that there was a link to installation directions off the main download page. DOH!

  2. Old DOS games are not that easy. Instructions are good when you have them! The bad old days, eh? :)


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