Sunday, September 19, 2010

So that was how a con feels like

I'm back home again after the con. To summarize things:

1. Make sure you have a map of the convention area, and a handout to give out at registration about what is going on where.

2. Place your con so it's easy to get there, to get to an ATM and to some source of food.

3. Make sure you know who is there as a dealer, speaker or panel attendee and help them out.

It's not that hard to run a convention, is it?

In the end all the gaming I did was the Blood and Mud WWII skirmish. It was fun, even if analysis paralysis made it far longer a game than intended. Maybe I should have had more coffee. Do stupid things faster, right?

Me and James Raggi and Tomas Arfert sat and chatted a lot. We talked about some personalities in the OSR, experiences of players not-getting-it-at-all. fun was had. Naturally we also analyzed the intricacies of system, play and text in old and new school, some of my old issues. There's a lot of fun stuff coming from both Tomas and James, but I'm not telling you yet what it is.


  1. As one of the GMs for the M&B game, I'd like to say it was great to have you as a player and I'm glad you had some fun. Hope to see you at a future Con.

  2. Thank you for running it! I will need some more stamina next time, and speed...

    That game will probably generate some posts in the future, btw.

  3. Well, the game was designed to run all day with drop in-drop out service so that players could stay as long as they wanted.
    And you achieved very close to the historical result, which was that the Pz1:s were held up for four hours by that bus and some Searchlight Company boys before the Pz2:s arrived and broke through. If you talk more about the game, please let us know. Drop me a line, my gmail addy is thomas.nissvik

  4. I love cons, I just can't find the time and the money to go to more. Nothing like the come down buzz to reinvigorate longstanding projects that have stalled due to running out of enthusiasm.

  5. Yeah, that buzz is good. My problem is not enthusiasm, but time.


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