Tuesday, August 17, 2010

I just read Death Frost Doom...

...and it's probably the most depressing thing I've read in a long time. I had to stop after the first part, and I think I need to wait for a while before managing any more.



  1. I've never liked Death Frost Doom. Seems the designer has one and only one path he means the players to go on. And, "oh aren't I dark and depressing and scary, ooh."

    Feh. A very poor design, in my opinion.

  2. DFD is what it is: a wierd/horror adventure. If the players are smart, and the DM is clear that this is not the only adventure open to them, they will be well-advised to take the trapper's advice and avoid DFD. Otherwise, as the old coot says, "You're all gonna die!"

    I suppose its a bad design choice if the DM runs it as the adventure-of-the-week, and the players thus don't have other options. But I think DFD works in a sandbox setting.

  3. The only area where I think DFD falls down is that the designer doesn't provide any tips to the referee to adjudicate the campaign-changing army of undead (over 13,000 of them)that inevitabley spew forth.

    However, the opening bits (the cultists cabin full of weirdness) really blew my socks off, very evocative and chilling.

    I also liked the three versions of the 'don't read this aloud' curse that appear throughout the dungeon areas.

    Horses for courses I suppose though.

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