Sunday, August 15, 2010

Cataloguing my collection. Now, should I video blog?

Tonight I once again had my wonderful wife help me cataloguing my collection, by being my typist while I took down and read out titles. I'm now at 351 volumes, and counting.

While I'm doing this I can't help but blather on about trivia and memories of this or that game. Naturally, my wife is not that interested. Some she find kind of fun, but most of it she has told me she will never remember, or even bother trying. I don't blame her. But, she said that maybe somebody else might actually care. That someobody else could be you, reading this blog.

Would anyone reading this blog be interested in a video series, where I take down stuff off my shelves and sprout trivia and totally make a fool of myself for not pronouncing things right?

I'm not saying I will do it, but I'm wondering if anyone would be interested. I would be surprised, but I have been surprised by gamers before.


  1. I'm a big fan of video blogs, they're fun and personal. I find they eat up a lot of resources.

  2. I would love that. It's kind of like having a friend over to BS about gaming when you can't raise the whole group.


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