Monday, August 9, 2010

How to make OD&D psionics more sensible

If you haven't had the opportunity to read the psionics rules in Eldritch Wizardry I can tell you they are very labour intensive. There are quite a few tables to roll on, and tables with modifiers for this and that. One table actually have the Death result. I bet it's because the head explodes.

So psionic combat. How do you make it work? This is what I'm thinking.

It would make sense to streamline things to use attack bonuses depending on mode, and have different modes being used to defend against different attacks. Also, it would make sense to have some sort of "mental" AC based on those defense modes. That way it would be just the good old roll a d20 and add modifiers against an AC. It would be far quicker than the fairly involved procedure in EW with points for this and that. I also like the idea of attacks targeting stats directly. In Traveller it works fine, so why not in a OD&D look a like?

It's a fine line to walk trying to clean up some old rules and making shit up whole cloth because it just makes more sense.

Quite fun little experiment this Eldritch Wizardry cloning attempt.
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