Tuesday, April 20, 2010

A Year with The Eye

Roughly one year ago, I had been reading Grognardia and been thinking of blogging. Tunnels & Trolls had become one of my favourite games and reading it made my heard sprout ideas like crazy. Pandora's Box was open, wide open. Then Dave Arneson died.

Knowing that James had started his blog when Gary died I realized that all my plans would amount to nothing unless I overcame inertia, and this was the moment. I wanted to celebrate the memory of those who created our hobby, and maybe give something back.

Now I look back upon a year of over 200 posts. Some of them are less inspired, but some I still feel proud of. Some have generated quite a lot of traffic and even some nice discussions. The fact that so many have been reading my ramblings and cared to comment is very ego boosting. Also, I feel like home in this community of bloggers. Thanks to all you people out there.

Not everything I hoped for this blog have come to pass. I had hoped to produce more original material, and more thematically tight posts. But, I think I've found my niche, and after reaching the point of burn-out I even took some time off to get back in the seat with new energy. Maybe some of the hopes will come true my second year.

Thanks to Ken St. Andre and Dave Arneson and all the other gaming ancestors for showing the way through the dungeons and wilderlands of high adventure!


  1. Let's go for the next 200 posts! :)

  2. If you survive burnout, it's butter from then on ;)

    Congrats on the milestone.

  3. Thanks guys! I have already started on year two, and it's all about combat. :)

  4. Congratulations! My theory is that the outlaw press thing knocked the wind out of the sails for a little while (I know it did for me), but just gotta keep on truckin'!

  5. It sure did. For me that was just one more thing, though.

    Good riddance.


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