Tuesday, April 6, 2010

A radical thought

Having read the intriguing post by Trollsmyth over at his blog, and felt really depressed by the moronic "yes you did" and "no I didn't" in the comments. I feel like suggesting a radical thought.

The designers of the old games put everything in the book for a reason, and it's a valuable pastime to see those rules for what they are. Also, they might still have made things that in retrospect are broken or plain wonky which you can criticise without being a card carrying member in the Cult of the New.

Chew on that one.

For the record, I think Trollsmyth is fully aware of this radical thought. 


  1. I usually feel worse after reading comments on popular blogs. Skip them & be happy! :)

  2. I understand some people like it. I like it in other situations say discussing David Lynch films. But, for games and RPGs I really, really can't stand (most/much) theoretical meta analysis/philosophizing/naval gazing/punditry.

    GNS, what's OSR mean, version wars (other than trolling for twinks), etc. I'll skip the comments and the blog posts.

    But, that's what's great about Internet, no one forces you to read anything and it's free/easy to find just the stuff you want to read.

  3. Oh yeah. There's a big net out there.

    I find the idea of rpg theory interesting. Ron Edwards quite obfuscated ramblings might not in themselves bring much to light, but the ideas made many people think about what it was they were doing. For me it was exciting.

    On the other hand, if you have a game you like and nothing seems wrong with it or your group it will probably seem very pointless.

    I try to post some naval gazing once in a while, but not to put it on too thick. The core is the game. Nothing less.


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