Sunday, April 4, 2010

Dragons, brain damage and dead horses

I just read a very good and imaginative post about how to re-think dragons, over here. I must say, though, that one of the reason the problem appears with the silly symmetry of evil and good dragons, is alignment. Alignment rots your brain. I've said so before.

It's not surprising that the designs get kind of stale, with more and more far-fetched breath weapons. If you have to shoehorn the fantastic into a narrow minded metaphysics you will get a narrow result. The fantastic is not about that. Dragons should be like humans, of all moral shades. And colour.

Yeah, I know I'm beating a dead horse. Go read that post linked above. It's good.


  1. It seems to me that the general model of dragons in games is either "dragons are (intelligent) animals" or "dragons are a race".

    I've for a while been in favour of going back to dragons as unique creatures with magical origins, like Fafnir.

  2. I like that approach myself as well. Dragons are, after all, the incarnation of the fantastic. When people think of rpgs they think of dragons. They should be a mythic force.


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